Robbery on a betting agency

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Maximilian Deininger 10. May 2021

In the Baden-Württemberg Sachsenheim, a robbery in a betting office occurred on Monday, May 3rd. According to the official information from the responsible public prosecutor and the police, a 22-year-old man should be responsible for the crime. At around 1:30 p.m. he visited the betting office and asked an employee under violence to hand over cash from the cash register. In the meantime, the suspect has been identified and arrested. In addition, investigations were also initiated against the betting agency itself.

The responsible police authority was able to find and arrest the suspect after a tip from the betting agency. ((©fsHH/Pixabay)

Violent robbery

According to the police, the crime scene in the betting office on Oberriexinger Straße took place. Here have The 22-year-old suspect has often been completed some bets And according to a regular customer. Since only the 44-year-old employee was on the premises of the facility during the crime, the public prosecutor cannot yet say exactly whether the robbery was a planned or favorable prerequisites for a spontaneous action.

The alleged perpetrator is said to have attacked the betting office employee with punches and at the same time asked to give money out of the cash register. Even when the 44-year-old woman went down because of the violence, the attacker did not let her down. According to the police, he should continue to hit her and sanded them to the cash register. In this way he has Gives access and stolen several thousand $ . He then locked his victim in a room. Since the suspect continued to stay in the betting office, the officials assume that he wanted to leave the cigarette machine. However, this project was not successful.

No witnesses. The Oberriexinger Straße connects the two main traffic arteries L1125 and L1141, but is more in a quieter location. During Corona, the surrounding shops and shops are not particularly strong. This also applies to the corresponding betting office. For this reason, there was no witnesses during the robbery.

Employees identified perpetrators

Even before the suspect left the betting office, he opened the closed door to the room where the employee was locked up. The 44-year-old took this opportunity and fled to the toilet. Only when the situation calmed down, the perpetrator had left the business and another customer entered the facility that she is said to have ventured out of hiding. Afterwards, she asked a passer -by on the street to alert the police. When this arrived at the scene, I immediately suspected the betting office employeewhom the perpetrator could be.

After the official blue light report, the officials followed and managed to identify the alleged perpetrator. Then have the Heilbronn public prosecutor A apartment search obtained that the 22-year-old man is to have ultimately associated with the robbery. So the police not only have can ensure the stolen cash in a four -digit amount, but also found the perpetrator himself.

Perpetrator in prison. After the public prosecutor and the police were able to process the robbery relatively quickly, the alleged perpetrator was demonstrated on Tuesday, May 4th, the responsible judge. There was a conviction for robbery and the briefing in prison.

Betting agency is targeted

Not only the 22-year-old robber violated the law with his actions, but also the betting agency itself. In any case, this is how it emerges from the report of the responsible police. Since the federal emergency brake has come into force in the district of Ludwigsburg since April 24 for containing the coronavirus, the business should not have been open according to the applicable provisions. That American Infection Protection Act provides for a radical shutdown of all non -systemic institutions. As a result, facilities in the gambling industry such as casinos, arcades and betting shops are not allowed to have opened their gates. The operator of the betting agency now threatens a fine of up to 7,000 $ .

Federal regulation to the emergency brake. The infection protection law adopted by the Federal Government is intended to keep the third Corona wave at bay and contain pandemic in USA. In contrast to the prior handling of the corona measures, infection protection applies nationwide. As a result, the individual federal states were withdrawn to a certain extent the authority to act, but the legal regulation relies on uniform handling. With a 7-day incidence of over 100, the so-called emergency brake comes into force. This limits the social area. Citizens can only meet with a person of another household. In addition, an output restriction from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Only sport is allowed until midnight alone.