Poker legend Mike Sexton died

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Lennart folder 11. September 2020

Poker legend Mike Sexton lost the fight against cancer last Sunday at the age of 72. Linda Johnson, also a successful poker player and long -time friend of Mike Sexton, announced last week on the short messages of Twitter that he was suffering from incurable prostate cancer. For this reason, the world -famous poker player and television presenter Sexton had gone in palliative care last month. The poker legend blessed the time in Las Vegas – where he spent a large part of his life.

Poker legend Mike Sexton died of cancer at the age of 72. ((© Robvandermeijden/Pixabay)

A legend of the poker scene leaves this world

At the beginning of the 2000s, when the poker boom really got going and Poker became a mainstream game, Mike Sexton played a major role in this development. He stepped as Moderator and expert of the World Poker Tour in numerous TV broadcasts on. With his calm and understandable way of analyzing things, moves and strategies and explaining the spectators in a simple way, Sexton was extremely well received and helped Poker to grow too quickly.

Mike Sexton was born on September 22, 1947 in Shelby in the USA. His nickname in the poker world was The Ambassador of Poker, which means the ambassador of the poker. Mike Sexton acted as a successful poker player, but also as a moderator and commentator of poker events. In his poker career, the poker legend earned around $ 6.7 million. His greatest successes include winning a bracelet at the WSOP in 1989 and the title at the Main Event of the World Poker Tour in 2016. In addition, Mike Sexton made it a total of 72 times in the WSOP tournament series. His best result at the WSOP main event, the official world of poker championship, a 12th place in 2000.

Death of Mike Sexton dismays the poker world

On the short message portal Twitter, Linda Johnson initially announced the death of Mike Sexton and then dedicated him to him emotional last words. Linda Johnson, herself a successful poker player and WSOP bracelet winner, not only said goodbye to her long-time confidant Boom in the early 2000s:

“Mike Sexton died peacefully today, surrounded by family members. Before that, however, he had been very happy about all the wonderful comments and farewells from poker players from all over the world. Further details on his death will be announced shortly. For the moment, please be with his family while mourning.

I am so grateful for the wonderful memories that I have about having traveled around the world with Mike Sexton in the past 30 years. There was no nicer and more modest person. Mike leaves an astonishing legacy for the poker world and for his family. Rip Mike Sexton! “Linda Johnson, Poker professional and long -time girlfriend of Mike Sexton, several posts on their official Twitter profile

In addition to Linda Johnson, various other poker players also expressed themselves with emotional and appreciative words. The poker player and Hollywood star Jennifer Tilly also expressed very positive about the poker legend, with which she had played out various times in recent years. Mike Sexton is not only a gentleman, but also a Great narrator with great merits.

The winner of the Main event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) from 2005 Joe Hachem also responded dismayed to Mike Sexton’s death. On Twitter, Hachem said goodbye and described Sexton as Voice of the poker. Shares also came from other celebrities. James Holzhauer, record winner at the US Quiz Show Jeopardy!, Referred to the enormously important influence of Sexton on the entire poker scene. It was only through Mike Sexton that the modern poker game found its way into the mainstream. The official YouTube channel of the World Poker Tour also published a tribute video for the poker legend Mike Sexton to honor its life’s work for the poker scene.