Philippines: Casino help in the Corona fight

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Peter Brandt March 27, 2020

Filipino casino operators have given the country a million dollar donation to support the local authorities in the fight against the coronavirus. In total, the Filipino government is said to have received almost $ 4 million from four different and state-licensed casino operators. At least this was communicated to the public via a press release from the Philippine Gaming Authority Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (Pagcor). Like almost every country, the archipelago in the West Pacific has to deal with pandemic considerably and is dependent on financial support.

Shaking hands is not a good idea, but solidarity and mutual help in the fight against the Coronavirus is in demand. ((© Geralt/Pixabay)

Money, food and medical needs urgently needed

The situation becomes increasingly serious, the coronavirus affects the exception of everyone – whether man, companies, entire industries or countries. Mutual help is therefore always a form of self -help, and absolutely necessary to slow down the rapid spread of infected. How elementary this attitude is, at least that Gambling industry in the Philippines Roger that, where numerous people also infected are.

How much are the Philippines affected by the Coronavirus? “Over 550 registered Corona cases are officially known on the Filipino Islands, and no reliable statement can be made about the size of the number of unreported cases. The suboptimal infrastructural conditions due to the 7,000 individual islands separated by water also make it difficult for the authorities to contain the pandemic and to provide appropriate medical care for all residents. In the meantime, over 50 people are said to have succumbed to their infection. This is also why the government had already decided to put the entire capital Manila under quarantine. In addition, almost all traffic routes were closed and international air traffic reduced to a minimum. ”

This is a good example. According to a message of the Filipino gambling supervisory authority Pagcor Many local gaming providers are involved in the fight against the virus. Four large and licensed casino operators recently provided money in the millions.

Among the donors, the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGOs) have found that, due to supposed criminal activities, only caused negative headlines a few weeks ago.

In the current situation, however, such reports appear completely irrelevant. Because with the A total of 150 million Filipino Pesos – The equivalent of around EUR 2.7 million – could be procured urgently needed foods as well as important medical goods and instruments, where there is a lack of medical facilities on the islands, especially the hospitals.

Indirect donation should also ensure survival of the gaming industry

Even the voluntary financial donation should have been more help than could be expected. But the Filipino gaming industry did not seem to leave it. Because what was not mentioned in the Pagcor press release is the payment that the authority has to pay to the government annually is a kind of flat tax or fee that Taxes of the officially licensed Filipino offshore gambling providers assembled.

Converted the Pagcor Around EUR 217 million transferred to the state – This is a significantly higher amount than was officially set by the Filipino government. Together with the donation made in advance of 2.7 million $ , one could say that the entire Filipino gaming industry has raised a total of around 4 million $ in order to contribute a significant and helpful part in the fight against the Coronavirus.

“[We hope that the money] makes a significant contribution to the efforts of the national government to cope with the effects of the severe decline in state revenue, which was caused by the slowdown of business activities based on the measures that are supposed to stop the spread of COVID-19. “”

Of course, it should also be clear that the Casino providers of the Philippines hope to secure their own existence through their financial contribution. Because with the decision of the local quarantine in Manila, the Filipino government also ordered that to cease all gambling activities immediately be.

Of the Pagcor chairwoman Andrea Domingo Now, however, urges the measure to relax and think that at least the online gambling should be allowed again. This would at least give the financially strong VIP customers the opportunity to play online or on the phone. This could already be enough to ensure the economic existence of the casinos for a long time. No decision has yet been made in this regard.