Paul Gauselmann sets ecological signs for posterity

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Peter Brandt 27. September 2019

Usually it is all about gambling and success when the name Gauselmann falls. The Gauselmann Group, a family-run group of the machine industry from USA, which is mainly famous by the Mercury brand, is still managed by 85-year-old Paul Gauselmann. However, this now shows engagement in a completely different way and wants to create a deciduous tree for reforestation for each of his previous years of life.

Mercury game libraries are represented across USA-and now also internationally. ((© image source)

Gauselmann thinks of his own descendants

Actually would have Paul Gauselmann good reasons and any right to retire with his assets. the 85-year-old successful businessman proves that paul gauselmann does not think about it and does not withdraw into conservative platitudes like some of his age group. as On the occasion of his birthday became known in august, paul gauselmann wants to show more commitment to environmental protection and sustainability – and start directly with his own contribution. for this, gauselmann wants to help with the globally urgently needed reforestation and donate 85 deciduous trees for this purpose, which he naturally pays out of his own pocket. the meaning and purpose behind it are clear: A tree should be planted for every year of life. where these trees are in the end does not matter for gauselmann, ultimately this is independent of the actual goal. trees, according to gauselmann, would ultimately be used everywhere. paul gauselmann wants his Birthday gift to mother nature Also ensure that his own descendants will be as good in the future as it is in the present time and in the past. Ultimately, reforestation is the most efficient instrument for climate protection and thus for the fact that his children and child children can also live on a healthy earth.

“As a father of four sons, grandfather of nine grandchildren and hopefully many other offspring, I would like to make my contribution to leave the following generations an environment worth living.”

Gauselmann works on industry image

Even if the idea of Paul Gauselmann, Support against climate change bidding, surely to be understood as a selfless gesture, the positive response from the media should also have its positive in economic and marketing strategy. ultimately, gauselmann will start a new project again next year and try to get a license for the sports betting market in USA. because even behind the rather young Sports betting brand XTIP the gauselmann group is hidden. so far, however, the company has not succeeded in preserving a sports betting license on the still opaque American sports betting market. however, this should change in 2020, i.e. in the year of the new license allocation. however, the competition is also great, because the competition also includes sonorous names and sizes of the industry such as Oddset Oder Tipicobecause these industry sizes have not yet received a valid license. but not only this will be a challenge next year, since private gambling providers in USA are put in the way of many hurdles, especially from the state, which make successful business difficult. such hurdles are nothing new for gauselmann. because as paul gauselmann im 1974 His first Merkur game library opened, there were many other hurdles, both in marketing and technology. Through commitment and wealth of ideas, today’s group boss still managed to build an empire in the gambling industry-almost worldwide.

“Work is a 50 percent hobby and 50 percent mandatory. I am in the development department once a week. It’s about having ideas and implementing them. The result is still about 350 patents. ”

Unjust treatment by politics

The greatest hurdle today is still superficial unexplained legal position of the gaming market our actors in USA. in addition, gauselmann bridles current decisions and projects, and as always, it is about the much -cited topic of gambling addiction, which is allegedly spread by private providers. however, verifiable studies that prove this claim are missing. in addition, gauselmann also holds new ones Security systems only relatively little, at least if this does not become mandatory for all games of chance on the internet. however, only picking individual companies and committing individual segments such as sports betting to measures such as digital, biometric facial recognition make little sense. however, this is currently requested by politicians according to which the Federal Center for Health Education A study had published that, according to around 40 percent of 16 to 70 year olds, had taken part in gambling and could count around half a million game addicts in USA. However, Gauselmann does not consider it justified to take responsibility for these figures.

“Checks for game addicts only make sense in our industry if they are introduced across the board everywhere and through all the play genes, including on the Internet, with modern biometric facial recognition. And if politics wants that, that would also be possible. That works with banking. ”