Partypoker: Change of user ID

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Lennart folder 17. May 2021

Players of the online poker platform “PartyPoker” are asked to change their player name. The regulation has been in effect since Tuesday, May 11, 2021, and is reported to the community during login. In a circular email, Partypoker said that this measure would like to eradicate unfair competitive advantages. This includes the fight against bots and forbidden tracking software. Already in June 2019, the Poker platform player had to change their alias. At that time, the announcement caused great outrage.

Tracking software makes it possible to collect and evaluate data about poker players. ((© Buffik / Pixabay)

Player protection in focus

Poker is now so popular that numerous platforms have formed on the net and that more and more players are pushing on the market. As a result, occasional players, semi-semi-professionals can sometimes be found on a digital poker table. In recent years, such an unequal competition has formed, since the professional part of the players has used external tracking software over time, which collects and evaluates statistics of all opponents. Provider like PartyPoker have observed this development over a certain period of time before you Use of tracking application in 2019 banned.

In order to be able to completely remove all data collected to date from the platform, the player was asked to change your online name. so PartyPoker uses the coping strategy again. In a circular email, the provider of his community explained why one could only produce the same competitive conditions again in this way. For example, the changed user IDS are no longer able to get an insight into the behavior of other players due to the changed user IDs.

Fair competition. As a serious and established provider, PartyPoker has committed itself to ensuring fair competition on their own platform. In this regard, CEO Vadim Soloveychik said that one continues to adhere to your own values to make the game fair and secure for all players. For this reason, the change in the user ID is essential for this entire community.

Debate about the change of name

The current request for the change of name seems to be going over the stage without the current time without much resistance from the players. In June 2019 the situation was completely different. When Partypoker explained the status quo and the planned measures of their own community, a violent debate sparked. Many players criticized the decisions and tried to defend themselves against the name change. So it was argued that your alias represent your online identity. In the last instance, some players are said to have even changed the provider.

At the time, PartyPoker tried to smooth the waves and came towards his own player. To make the change of name a little more attractive, the poker platform launched several special actions. The participants had the opportunity to secure a share of the total of $ 500,000 if they changed their user ID within the first 24 hours after the request.

Promotion, gifts & tournaments. As part of the name change, the “Login Click Cards” promotion, which enabled PartyPoker players a profit of up to $ 10,000. A system was also installed that rewarded the faith of the community. For example, players who accumulated at least 0.10 loyalty points per hour received the chance of a gift of up to $ 40,000. In addition to the winning opportunities, several freerolloll tournaments were also held.

Tracking harms competition

In 2019 the tracking had in Online-Poker Sales assumed that the platforms such as PartyPokers are forced to act against the growing inequality of the competition. Over the years, a gigantic market had developed with technical aids that made one’s own thinking and their own skill superfluous to a certain extent. This had the Players without tracking software not just a significant disadvantage, but the entire poker game on the Internet gradually lost naturalness.

In the meantime, tracking and supporting third-party programs are prohibited on most large poker platforms. Many professional players cannot understand the large -scale restriction in this area, but the new initiative on the part of the party shows how In terms of competitive, tracking can ultimately be.

Functions of the tracking software. Tracking programs allow users to collect statistical data in a higher-level database in the hands played. The flood of information can then be used to analyze opposing players or for their own error analysis. In addition, this type of software makes it possible to view the collected statistical values during a live game. Basically, tracking acts as a photographic memory that keeps every corner and every little detail of a poker round. According to the views of many poker platforms, this creates an unfair advantage for the players who use such programs.