Netherlands wants regulated gaming market

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Peter Brandt 18. November 2019

The licenses for online gambling providers in the Netherlands are re-regulated. The responsible authority has now published current information. The Kanspelautoriteit (KSA), as the Dutch gambling authority is called in the national language, said that the operators can make license applications as soon as the new laws come into force. In January 2021, a regulated online gambling market is to be opened in the Netherlands.

The Dutch gambling authority KSA from the HAAG has announced numerous guidelines for the applicants of lucky gambling licenses. ((©Skitterphoto/Pixabay)

Legalization leads to better control

Already in February this year the Dutch Senate has adopted the remote gambling actthat represents a modernization of the betting and gambling law. This wants to enable MPs to legalize online gambling. The idea behind this is that the license for betting and gambling providers is linked to strict conditions and guidelines on the Internet. This should strengthen player protection, improve the fight against gambling addiction and ensure the fairness of the games offered.

The interest of gambling providers in such a license is also very large in the Netherlands. The whole European online market for gambling has to show large growth figures And the Netherlands are also an interesting market. While online gambling in the Netherlands has so far been illegal, more than two billion $ in sales were achieved in the legal sector in 2018. Legalization of the online gambling would therefore obviously improve the state revenue and strengthen player protection, since regulating the operator is only able to control the operator.

New licenses, strict conditions

Subject to approval by the Ministry of Justice and Security the new regulations for the market should come into force from July 1, 2020. There is still no fixed date for the approval of the law, but the KSA explained that it informs you about the process of potential applicants. This is intended to clarify what they have to do to get a license for the operators. The introduction of four different licenses is planned for the new regulation:

  • Casino games in which customers compete against the operator (e.g. classic table games such as online Roulette Or blackjack)
  • Peer-to-peer-casino games (e.g. online poker)
  • Sports betting
  • Horse and trabs

The application for a license must be received in Dutch and with all the necessary documents, also in a Dutch translation. the Costs for an application are 45,000 $ . There is no reimbursement in the event of a cancellation. The operators are therefore forced to pay close attention to the conditions, otherwise it will be expensive.

The KSA is carefully checked. In addition to the Identity of the applicant also his connections Checked for people with criminals, administrative or tax offenses. An application could also be rejected if such connections are available.

Measures against gambling addiction and money laundering

Furthermore, gambling providers are forced to submit a strategy plan together with the license application. In this strategy paper, the plans of the operators are to be covered on different points. For example, the KSA’s review ensures that the Employees of the operator about sufficient knowledge of the Dutch Gambling Act feature.

It should also be included, such as unauthorized persons, for example minors, excluded from participation and how the players should be protected from gambling addiction. The former is guaranteed with the full identification of the players, including the name, date of birth and address based on a passport, ID card or driver’s license. To the second point belong next to Prevention measures against gambling addiction also training for the employees.

Proof of compliance with the provisions of the law is also important for the KSA Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. Measures of gaming operators for customer identification and examination, risk management and the procedure for unusual transactions must be presented.

Conditions in marketing and consumer protection

Even the marketing of the potential providers of new online casinos in the Netherlands has an eye on the KSA. The applicants must Open the advertising strategy to the gaming authority. It is important for the operators to have a marketing strategy that is neither misleading nor aggressive. A responsible handling of gambling advertising is to be achieved. This includes, for example, that bonus conditions are clearly visible or that it should be avoided to address endangered groups with advertising.

The integration of a complaint system is also mandatory for the applicants so that the online gambling games correspond to the Dutch consumer protection laws. Furthermore, the providers of sports betting have to clarify, to work with the KSA to determine game manipulations. The abundance of guidelines must of course be checked. For this purpose, the KSA may need additional employees.

“Such an operation places quite high demands on organization of the size of the KSA. However, we do everything in our power to achieve this. If we don’t make it with our permanent employees, we will hire external employees. ”René Jansen, Chairman, KSA

Regulated online gambling in 2021

The conditions show that it is not easy for every operator of online gaming to get a license. Nevertheless, strict guidelines are important in order to create a responsible sector. This will strengthen the reputation of online casinos as well as the protection of players. Not to regulate online casinos is the wrong approach due to the simple availability over the Internet. the The Netherlands can therefore be a role model for other countries such as USAwho have so far failed to adapt themselves and the laws to the digital development of gambling.

Until the virtual gates of the legal online gambling open in the Netherlands, some time will pass. In January 2021 it should be so far, while the operators are expected to strive for the licenses from June 2020. The KSA is supported by the potential licenses with workshops. Here, more information about the application process and measures so that the operators can increase their chance of a license. It shows that The regulatory authorities give the gambling providers the hand to work.

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