NCPG partnership with Draftkings

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Maximilian Deininger December 16, 2019

Draftkings enters a partnership with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) to expand the efforts for a responsible game. The fantasy sports operator and provider of sports betting can benefit from the NCPG through the integration of standards. The Council, for his part, benefits from Draftkings due to its market position and expertise in online gaming as well as in online gambling.

Draftkings grew up through Daily Fantasy Sports in football and other American sports. ((© Jorono/Pixabay.com)

Measures for responsible gambling

Draftkings gave in one on Friday Press release known that there is a Promotion of responsible dealing with sports betting A partnership with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG). The NCPG is a council of national interest representatives that consist of companies and individuals as well as a state subsidiary.

As superordinate representative to support problematic benefits And the NCPG takes care of their families at the national level of developing extensive guidelines and programs for a responsibility with gambling. The goal is to reconcile social and economic aspects.

The NCPG partnership with Draftkings can now Become a win-win situation. The existing initiatives of the NCPG are to be further expanded by the partnership according to the press release of Draftking. This includes above all the Safer Sports Betting Initiative and the Internet responsible gaming standards. These initiatives are intended to help providers of sports betting such as Draftkings apply proven procedures for online gaming. Draftkings has a platinum membership at the NCPG. Other Platinum members are Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International, the Las Vegas Sands Corp. And The Stars Group.

“I am pleased that Draftkings, a leading provider of online gaming and sports betting, has joined the NCPG. This marks a new era in our work in order to raise awareness of problematic gambling and to provide resources for responsible gambling. ”Keith Whyte, Executive Director, National Council on Problem Gambling

Sensitization for problem players

With the new partnership, the NCPG hopes for a Higher awareness of the topic of problematic gambling. The problem players are unable to set gambling, although the sequel has serious effects on both social and financial levels.

That Addiction behavior of the problem players So not only brings with it the loss of money, but also entails problems in the workplace and in relationships. In the end, this expresses itself in a poor physical and mental constitution. For these reasons, the NCPG tries to call the issue of the population, players and gaming companies. That it is not about a marginal problem acts, show numbers of the NCPG:

  • Unfortunately, around two million Americans
  • Another six million Americans are considered a problem player
  • Problem players already meet some criteria of gambling addiction and are therefore extremely endangered
  • Around 2.5 percent of the Americans are thus exposed to negative effects of gambling

Draftkings is proud to be on board

Draftkings started as a provider of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). The DFS competitions are offered in eight countries and 15 different sports. DFS is particularly popular in the United States and belongs to the everyday life of many Americans. Draftkings could not prevail in USA yet. After Liberalization of sports betting in the USA Last year, the company has first expanded to this lucrative area.

Since there are different regulations in different US states, Draftkings operates either online sports betting, stationary bookmakers or both. Current Draftkings sports betting in the following US states assumed:

  • Indiana,
  • Iowa,
  • Mississippi,
  • New Jersey,
  • New York,
  • Pennsylvania and
  • West Virginia.

Last month, Draftkings also received an exclusive contract for the inpatient and mobile sports betting in New Hampshire. A offer there will soon be expected.

“We are proud to work with a leading game organization such as the NCPG to ensure that our internal efforts are supported by independent experts. Draftkings has set itself the task of playing a leading role in the measures to play responsible by continuously bringing our product to new countries and more Americans have access to legal, mobile sports betting and igaming. ”The lles then, Chief Compliance Officer, DraftKings

New ten -member advisory board in the NCPG

The partnership between Draftkings and the NCPG was announced a day after the presentation of a new ten -person body. This advisory board of experts should provide further insights to combat problematic gambling. Not only is sports betting, but logically also paying attention to the casino industry.

In every area of gambling, the NCPG is intended to develop programs and resources that help everyone involved from the operators to the supervisory authorities to the players to identify problems with gambling and to react effectively to them. Concentrated gambling expertise is located in the new advisory board from companies and authorities:

  • Maria-Christina Annaloro: Director of government relationships and social sciences at Las Vegas Sands Corp.
  • Kirsten Clark: Executive Director bei International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA)
  • Steve Crosby: Chairman of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission; former NCPG board member
  • Don Feeney: President of the Northstar Alliance on Problem Gambling; Former research director at Minnesota State Lottery,
  • Maureen Greeley: Executive Director of Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling; Former CEO of the NCPG
  • Martin Lycka: Director of regulatory matters at GVC Holding
  • Reece Middleton: Former Executive Director of the Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling; Former Vice President of the NCPG Board
  • Ray Pinault: President and General Manager at Mohegan Sun; former treasurer of the NCPG
  • Richard Schuetz: former representative of the California Gambling Control Commission; Former managing director of Bermuda Gaming Commission
  • Marlene Warner: Executive Director of the Massachusett Council on Compulsive Gambling; Former CEO of the NCPG

“The problem and the responsible environment of gambling in the United States quickly change with the continuous expansion of casinos, lotteries and the recording of sports betting. The NCPG faces an increasingly complex ecosystem of problems that need to be solved. We are very grateful to the advisory board members that they lead the NCPG together in their efforts. ”Keith Whyte, Executive Director, National Council on Problem Gambling