Mega-Casino in planning: Is the new Macau?

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Maximilian Deininger July 29, 2019

Anyone who thinks of gambling in Asia will probably have Macau in mind first. In fact, Macau is considered the “Las Vegas Asia”, although it is actually much more. Because Macau Las Vegas has already left behind in terms of sales. So it seems almost presumptuous that plans now became public that aims to contest the title as the largest Asian casino paradise. A new casino system is to be built in Cambodia, for which an investment of $ 3.5 billion is planned.

Of course, poker in the casino systems in the Nagaworld resort should not be missing.

Nagaworld resort is to be expanded

However, it will not be completely a new area. Because the project is more likely to be an expansion of an existing area that should also be known to some people outside of Asia. We are talking about Nagaworld-resort, a tourist hotel complex, which is often awarded internationally. Now the showpiece is to be supplemented by a pompous casino landscape.

The company is behind the project NagaCorpwhich also planned and implemented the resort. And since you don’t want to do any things at Nagacorp, the goal was to create a larger casino and gambling paradise than Macau currently has 1,400 kilometers away, especially since the Asian Las Vegas has been with negative headlines local companies drew attention to himself. in the end that should Casino project 3.5 billion US dollars Investment costs devour. how huge the new recreational and gambling resort should be at the end becomes clearer, you look at current numbers: in the nagaworld resort, there are already over twelve exclusive gastronomic businesses, and the resort also houses a theater in which 2,000 visitors can be found . with the new building, which by the way on an area of 17,000 square meters is implemented, there are also other hotels in addition to gambling. In the end, the buildings should include over 66 floors and have exactly 4,720 rooms. For the resort built in 1995, this should finally be the leap into the ranks of the most luxurious and glossy tourist hotel facilities worldwide.

“After completion, Naga 3 will be the largest integrated resort in the country. The existing facilities of Naga 1 and Naga 2 will supplement with a quality standard that is competed with the integrated resorts in Macau. ”

Thousands of new gambling opportunities in the portfolio

It should already be clear that the new Nagaworld resort will have all sorts to offer, especially for people who are enthusiastic about playing. After all, it is already clear that after completion 800 new tables and 2,500 new slot machines will give where visitors can put their luck to the test. the new „Hightech-Vergnügungspark“, which is of course based on the latest technological standards, it is based on the project managers, attracting over 1.5 million visitors every year. however, it will take some time before it comes, because of course such a major project cannot be implemented within a few months. construction should be started in september of this year, five years until completion. after that, the proverbial ruble should roll. cambodia lies Just two flight hours from Macau or China, which is why the operators also expect that a large part of the wealthy visitors will fly from the middle kingdom to cambodia. in addition, many also count Capital Vietnamese to the target group. the country is not far from cambodia, but so far it has hardly been the opportunity to legally take part in gambling, as this is under strict state control in vietnam. instead of starting a relatively arduous trip to macau, the vietnamese could now simply travel to the neighboring country. it should also be an advantage that the nagaworld resort directly in the Capital Phnom Phen is located. The associated proximity to the airport should also benefit the resort and its number of visitors.

Cambodia will soon be number one for gambling in Asia?

Cambodia hopes despite very good relationships to China and Macau, the competition will soon be able to take place and to Gambling center number one throughout Asia to become. this is conceivable because macau, the special administrative zone of china, has to deal with legal problems again and again in terms of gambling. this has to do with the fact that Gambling in China itself is illegal, the game is certainly very popular and many chinese are therefore permanent tourists and are very often traveling to macau. due to the legally illegal position of gambling, many illegal providers and venues have developed in china, which china now wants to stop rigorously. this would ultimately have the chance for cambodia, where gambling is legally operated. if you then consider the dreamlike ambience of the resort, it should actually soon be in addition to macau A fantastic new gambling stronghold in Asia give.