Man after a threat against casino in court

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Peter Brandt 15. November 2019

Before the district court in Kane County in Aurora, Illinois, a 30-year-old man has to answer for a bomb threat against the Hollywood Casino. The man named Mustadin M. had caused a major operation by the police last February due to striking behavior and threatening statements. According to the defense, however, the entire incident was only a great misunderstanding.

Because of a bomb threat in a casino, a man has to answer to the district court in Kane County, Illinois. ((© tpheinz/pixabay.com )

Extremely striking behavior

This week the trial against Mustadin M. began before the district court in Kane County in Aurora, Illinois. Born in Turks, the public prosecutor’s office accused, by means of death threats for a major operation by the police to be responsible, as a result Several buildings also had to be evacuated. According to the investigative reports of the responsible public prosecutor’s office at Kane County, Mustadin M. was striking on February 11, 2019 for the first time on the employees of the Hollywood Casinos Aurora in Illinois.

The man had visited the casino for several hours, but did not spend any time at the gaming tables or numerous slot machines. Instead, he is said to have asked the person presenting about the operating structures of the casino. Likewise, he apparently took a close look at the marked escape routes. Shortly before leaving the casino, Mustadin M. still had formal complained to the responsible manager of the casino. In his opinion, the service clothing of the female employees is not appropriate.

Who is behind the Hollywood Casino Aurora in Illinois?“The gambling giant and US casino operator Penn National Gaming took over the Hollywood Casino Corporation in 2003, under which the Hollywood Casino Aurora fell in Illinois. Penn National Gaming, the headquarters of which is located in Pennsylvania, is the operator of numerous casinos as well as horse racing routes in the USA and Canada. One of the best known and biggest names of the group is certainly the Tropicana Hotel and Casino on the famous Strip of Las Vegas. Here alone, annual sales of approximately $ 5.3 billion is achieved. ”

Statement on US President Donald Trump

The latter did not leave the allegations uncommented and ed Mustadin M. with regard to the complaint the next day. This is only a short time later reappeared in the Hollywood casino. It was striking that the man had carried inconspicuous and western clothing the previous day, but on the day of the incident, February 12, but now wore a traditional Muslim robe.

In conversation with the manager present, Mustadin M. then expressed Threatening, interpretation -rich statements towards Donald Trumpthat, for example, he personally wants to give a gift for the US president. Various testimonies confirm that the man continued that if one did not allow him to do so, he The destruction of the casino would come from Allah. At the start of the trial, chief banklot Joe Cullen also pointed out that the defendant had expressed an area of interpretation with intent to stir up.

“The accused was deliberately unspecific when he sent the message. The accused sent the threat of words and deeds. ”Joe Cullen, Chief Appeals

In addition to the optical changes of the man and his threatening statements, the fact that Mustadin M. had parked his truck immediately before the casino had been banned. The casino staff immediately informed the police. A short time later, they arrived and was able to arrest the Turkish native without resistance. The following examinations of the casino and the truck Possible explosives remained unsuccessful. However, the examination of the bomb command had to be carried out under enormous security measures, which is why several buildings had to be evacuated.

Defense insists on a misunderstanding

In the criminal trial, Mustadin M. is now faced with various accusations. According to his defense lawyer Brenda Willett, the allegations are only The result of a great misunderstanding. The evacuation of the casino and the surrounding buildings were just as unnecessary as the use of over 150 police and rescue workers. The public prosecutor’s allegations are unfounded. Also the visit to the casino on the day before the incident did not take place for the purpose of having a huddling, but was rather intended for warming up, since the defendant has been homeless since the separation from his wife.

According to the compulsory defender, bombing or even death threats, as mentioned in the indictment, are absolutely baseless. After all, words like bomb or explosives were never liked. She also pointed out that her client’s mother tongue was Turkish. He only figured the gift in a figurative sense that Casinos are something negative And have a bad influence on people. Instead, they should rather replace them with other institutions that would affect society more positively.

Due to the fact situation, it seems unlikely whether the responsible judges believe the drawn story of a huge misunderstanding. Mustadin M., who has been in custody since February 12, threaten In the event of a conviction in total up to five years in prison. However, the process will continue a little.