London: Gaming fair moved

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Peter Brandt December 27, 2021

The ICE and IGB Affiliate London were shifted due to the rampant omicron variant. The gambling fairs should take place from 01 to 03 and from February 2nd to 5th, 2023. However, organizer Clarion Gaming saw no other way than to postpone the events due to the current crisis situation. April 2023 is currently being traded as a new date.

The omikron variant is considered highly contagious and is currently causing a final mood worldwide. ((© Geralt/Pixabay)

Shifting due to omicron variant

Corona pandemic is still not overcome. The virus’s omikron variant is currently keeping the entire globe in suspense. Experts and scientists Warn of the aggressive Covid 19 mutation. The first countries have already reacted and proclaimed restrictions and lockdowns. Great Britain is now considered a high risk area.

The dangerous virus variant now has too The country’s gambling industry caught. So the ICE and IGB Affiliate in London were canceled. This emerges from Clarion Gaming’s official press release. Managing Director Stuart Hunter explains:

“This is a really disappointing news for everyone who has to do with […] [the gambling fairs]. In a rapidly changing situation, however, it became clear that we cannot give our customers the necessary security. This applies to logistical planning, stand construction, the transports of the equipment and the flight booking. ”Stuart Hunter, Managing Director of Clarion Gaming Official press release from Clarion Gaming

Hunter emphasizes that the ICE brand would always have acted in the best interest of customers and industry representatives. Around 700 companies and brands from industry were expected for gambling fairs. After consulting all representatives, it was agreed that the current crisis situation A rethink required. Accordingly, the ICE and IGB Affiliate have been postponed in the British capital.

April 2023 will be traded as the next possible date. The gambling fairs are then to take place on the site of the “Excel London”. However, nothing has yet been carved in stone. Clarion Gaming is currently in an exchange with the Senior Management Team of Excel to have one to realize quick appointment.

April 2023 questionable?

According to Hunter, an alternative appointment for gambling fairs in London is to be announced this year. April 2023 will remain the desired period. However, it says on a different sheet whether the planning actually works. The managing director of Clarion Gaming is optimistic and emphasized that the industry get back on the feet in spring Become a different picture, however.

Great Britain has recently been classified by USA as a high -risk area. As the “Guardian reports, there are always people who were afraid of the omikron variant, instructed to the country’s hospitals made. The health system is threatening the current development. At the same time there is a lack of personnel that also exacerbates the crisis situation.

Another lockdown? Some countries have already shown it. In the Netherlands, Austria and Denmark, governments have reacted to the high number of infections by the omikron variant. Strict restrictions have been in effect in the European countries for some time, which is to contain further spread of the aggressive COVID-19 variant. Similar measures would also be required in Great Britain. A new lockdown is a potential scenario that deals with the country’s politics.

Virologists and experts recently predict that the omicron variant could “dominate” the year 2023. the Fifth wave has long been on the move. Representatives of the gaming industry classify April 2023 for ICE and IGB Affiliate as an extremely unlikely date.

Omikron variant in USA

The omikron variant has long since had Deutschland reached. The effects of increasing infection figures can already be felt in some federal states. In Saxony and Rhineland-Palatinate prevail lock -down states. In addition, the 2G rule applies in many areas. The gaming industry can pursue its daily business in most regions, but it has to adhere to the applicable regulations.

The federal government had recently reacted to the acute crisis situation and one Corona expert council launched. This sees urgent need for action and at the same time demands effective countermeasures nationwide to control the infection. the Impfkampagne play an important role in this.

Request for booster vaccination. According to the Corona expert council, the omikron variant is able to cause a difficult course in humans that recover or have been duplicate. This ensures an acute emergency and make the booster vaccination even more important. The high infection rate would mean that recovered and vaccinated people would have to insulate themselves more and more without booster. Great Britain had shown with his “Freedom Day” during the Delta variant what dimensions the situation. Many people had to go into quarantine through a new wave of infection, which resulted in a collapse of the system.