Ireland: Criticism of gambling policy

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Peter Brandt July 21, 2021

Stewart Kenny, ex-CEO of the “Paddy Power” gambling group, criticized Ireland’s gambling policy. In an interview with the Irish TV broadcaster “RTé”, the casino tycoon condemned the unregulated state of the gambling market in his home country and went hard with the government. Kenny asked politicians to equip the industry with the necessary structures in order to create both a serious range of gambling and to strengthen player protection.

Stewart Kenny also discussed slot machines as part of the TV interview and, above all, attested a high risk of addiction to the online variants. ((© Daria Sannikova/Pexels)

Unregulated gaming sector

In most regions of Europe, gambling experiences a wave of liberalization. Many countries adapt their legislation for the industry to modern conditions and legalize the licensed range of games Under the condition of various measures. In many parts of the continent, great attention was paid to the growing online segment. Since this area of industry has grown enormously in recent years, the individual governments were encouraged to adapt their legal situation. Controlled legalization seemed inevitable, since only in this way can dubious providers be pushed from the market.

Nevertheless, many countries on the European continent are aware of the status quo of the gaming industry, according to Stewart Kenny die Irish government completely overslept the development. The former CEO of “Paddy Power” did not leave good hair to politics in the TV interview at “RTé”. It completely neglected the gambling. In particular, the scope and the current importance of the online gambling is Irish government not conscious at all.

As part of his harsh criticism, Kenny assured that he was not an opponent of gambling. The opposite is the case. He had dedicated his entire life to sports betting and other games of chance. For this reason, he cannot understand why the policy of the industry does not pay attention to. Other states are much more progressive in comparison. He calls on his government accordingly to to regulate the national gaming market with the necessary measures.

Outdated legislation. The “Gaming and Lotteries Act”, which came into force in 1965, still applies in Ireland. Although the law was subjected to a reform in 1986, the gaming industry cannot be compared to today’s industrial standards 35 years ago. Above all, the social relevance of the Internet has completely changed the wife. Accordingly, the Irish government tried to set up a modern legal framework under the name “Gambling Control Bill”. However, it only remained when trying. For this reason, the gambling sector is largely unregulated to this day.

Player protection does not exist

Due to the loose gambling regulation in Ireland, this is Online gambling officially neither legally nor illegal. The opaque legislation is reminiscent of the old American legal framework before this Gambling State Treaty was completely modernized. For the Irish player community, however, the local market remains a non -transparent area. She can play and bet on the Internet without limits and control in casinos and bookmakers. Stewart Kenny sees a non-existent player protection accordingly.

For this reason, the ex-boss of “Paddy Power” left the industry in 2016. He did not want to be part of an industry that no measures to protect the game. In this regard, he denied the slots and slot machines on the Internet, which would create an enormous addiction effect, especially among younger and endangered players.

Creed. Stewart Kenny initially underestimated the potential gambling dangers that had been caused by the Internet. Accordingly, he did not want to acquire any guilt free. During his active time in the industry, he certainly jeopardized several end of the game. He is now clear about that.

Paddy Power confesses errors

The statement of “Paddy Power” shows which controversy the player protection triggers in the Irish gambling industry. According to various industry reports, the current management had admitted in the past not always done everything right to have. In the same breath, however, the group praised improvement. You are doing everything you can to protect your own customers in the best possible way.

Measures for player protection. The Irish media reports show that “Paddy Power” has already abolished the credit card payments for their games. This is often the reason for financial loss of control. In addition, the group drastically reduced its advertising activities in order not to create stimulus overflowing. The company has also become active in the area of game addiction research and prevention. So you have undertaken to reinvest one percent of net sales.