Illegal sports betting in the NFL

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Maximilian Deininger March 14, 2023

The NFL professional Calvin Ridley bet on games within the league and was blocked for one year. The rules of the US “National Football League” are relentless in terms of sports betting and punishes violations with draconian punishments. Players and officials are strictly forbidden to complete bets on the games of the league. According to media reports, Ridley was aware of these regulations, but ignored them.

In order to maintain the integrity of sport, players and officials of the NFL must not complete bets on games. ((©Adrian Curiel/Unsplash)

Betting operations in November 2021

According to the official statement of the NFL-Commissioners Roger Goodell In November 2021, they bet on NFL games within five days. His own team was also involved. The 27-year-old Wide Receiver (WR) has been playing for the Atlanta Falcons since 2018 and has in the said period in the past November Around $ 1,500 placed on NFL games. Specifically, the NFL professional is said to have placed several online multi-bets via its smartphone.

Mental problems. Ridley did not look at any of the games he had bet, since he has been no longer part of regular league operations since the end of October 2021. At the time, he announced surprised to withdraw from professional sports until further notice. As the reason for his decision, he gave mental problems. His temporary withdrawal is the logical step in order to fully concentrate on his mental health.

According to the NFL, Ridley should be in his betting activities acted on your own to have. He had neither worked with insiders who provided him with information, nor did he manipulate the respective games directly or indirectly. Teammates, opposing players and coaches would have known nothing of the placed bets. Nevertheless, Roger Goodell was personally criticized by Roger Goodell for his behavior and closed for a whole year.

Integrity of the game endangered

The NFL works closely with several Partners from the US happiness industry together, to suffocate betting fraud and game manipulations in the bud. Thanks to this cooperation, it was possible for the Football League to recognize and sanction the wrongdoing of Ridley.

In his official statement, Roger Goodell did not leave good hair on the Wide receiver of the Atlanta Falcons. So his actions would have endangered the integrity of the entire game that Trust the public in the professional football is damaged And undermine the reputation of the teammates throughout the NFL. That Betting on official league games For decades, one of the most serious violations and have hard punishments.

Meanwhile, Ridley was insightful and admitted his mistake. Shortly after the incident became known, he posted on Twitter that he always learns from his mistakes. A day later, however, he dropped several tweets that outlined a completely different perception. Ridley said that he had only set $ 1,500 and was not addicted to play. At the time, he was not even able to watch NFL games. He knew that he made a mistake that However, one -year lock is disproportionate.

Split opinion. The news of the one -year suspension of Ridley was recorded on the Internet. Half of the NFL fans shares the opinion that sports betting would not justify locks for so long. The league would have pronounced significantly milder punishments for much serious offenses such as domestic violence (Antonio Brown) or child abuse (Adrian Petersen). The other half of the fan base meanwhile supports the rigorous approach of the NFL.

NFL stays hard with sports betting

Just like the other professionals in the USA, the NFL has a very Tense relationship with sports betting. The industry has been experiencing an enormous hype in the states for several years after legalization before the Supreme Court had previously been obtained.

At that time, opponents of nationwide liberalization were all major US sports leaves. They took care of the integrity of their game and Feared increasing manipulation attempts. This concern has been kept to this day. For this reason, the NFL rigorously acts against any violation. It does not matter how big or small the crossing of the border may have been. According to expert opinions, the latest incident around Calvin Ridley is therefore not disproportionate, but only consistently.

Career dampers. According to the league, Ridley had the opportunity to submit an application for his return on February 15, 2023. Until then, the NFL professional is condemned to watch. At the same time, his illegal betting activity does not pay for his annual salary of around $ 11.3 million. For the wide receiver, the entire causa is a tart career deader because it is considered a best passport recipient in the entire league.