Heavy millions for casino providers Imperial Pacific

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Lennart folder 25. April 2019

The casino operator Imperial Pacific is undoubtedly one of the largest and best-known gaming companies from the Asian region. This should certainly also be related to the fact that the group is one of the few international casino operators who have accomplished it to receive a US license. But this is exactly what Imperial Pacific seems to be doomed. As a few years ago, US authorities again demand compensation payments in the millions. This time it is about wage dumping and serious violations of human rights.

Visitors can expect pure luxury in the Imperial Pacific. But this was also bought expensive.

$ 3,36 million as compensation

For the Casino operator Imperial Pacific from Hong Kong it hasn’t been going so well in the past few months, at least if there is something on the numerous negative headlines that can be read again and again in the press. but the signs are condensed that the asian casino operator actually made serious mistakes that are now extremely expensive for the company. imperial pacific was on an entrepreneurial wave of success for a long time. behind imperial pacific is there a major millions of hotel and casino project that has been planning for a few years and has only recently ended. the large -scale construction of the casino was implemented in Saipan, an american administrative zone and island of the northern marianen in the pacific. for a long time, the casino operator had negotiated with the us authorities to enforce the construction of the casino and a Casino license from the USA to maintain, which ultimately only permits the economic operation of the casino – but in the end with success. but already during the construction phase there was always negative press until the us authorities were finally involved. and this now has serious consequences for imperial pacific. the u.s. ministry of labor recently imposed a whopping Finish of $ 3,36 million, which corresponds to around 3 million $ . The reason for this should be a violation of regulations on the minimum wage.

Workers receive financial compensation

Specifically, Imperial Pacific is not properly paid for the responsible construction workers during the construction and only paid for a salary that was located far below the minimum wage stipulated by the USA. In addition, there should also be failures of what the prescribed documentation of wage expenses concerned. the casino operator’s misconduct is said to have run over two years. in 2016 and 2017, millions of amounts were unlawfully saved. but that should not get through the multi -million dollar company. before a District court in Saipan it has now been decided that the workers at that time are still entitled to additional wages. the pronounced fine should be used for this. but money is not always and was the problem. the casino operator was already charged in march of this year. it was about a serious accusation. allegedly should be during the construction phase Human rights violated had become, a worker had even died. in addition, there is still the accusation of human trafficking, which has not yet been informed or proven. and even this was not all. during the construction of the first major project, the grand mariana casinos and resort, Wastewater is not properly disposed of have been. this action cost imperial pacific “only” $ 40,000, a punishment that was pronounced by the local office for environmental and coastal quality, but this was again causing negative headlines. this is particularly explosive because the casino operator is one of the few foreign companies, as already mentioned, one US lucky license received. In 2014, this was granted by the responsible US authority. According to the numerous negative headlines, it would be quite conceivable that Imperial Pacific would be withdrawn again. As a consequence, this would mean that the activities of the casino operator on Saipan would come to an end-after just five years and numerous millions investments.

“Imperial Pacific will continue to carry out measures and consider additional precautions to ensure compliance with federal laws, local laws and regulations. The company wants to fulfill its contractual obligations towards the community. ”

Special treatment for Imperial Pacific?

In view of the severity of some offenses and the considerable economic strength of Imperial Pacific, it seems strange to some that the company was occupied by the US authorities with comparatively low punishments and is still in possession of its lucky license. Some suspect that US authorities only pronounce the punishments for appearance, ultimately one would like to want the casino operator economically not too much weaknessesthis in turn should have to do with the not exactly low taxes. according to the this in turn should have to do with the not exactly low taxesthis in turn should have to do with the not exactly low taxes. according to the according to the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) if the gaming company has been more than $ 154 million for the “best sunshine live” hotel since 2015, which is around 136 million $ . in addition, there are also high-digit license and service fees that the company has to do annually. from an economic point of view, imperial pacific is definitely A lucrative project, which the united states will certainly like to continue to receive a few years. but the company also benefits. according to media reports, imperial pacific has to do not pay direct taxes on gambling sales. Thus, the hotel and casino project in Saipan should probably also be secured in the future, which in addition to the USA and the company itself, the numerous Chinese high rollers should certainly be happy, which Imperial Pacific has chosen as the main target group for the luxury casino.