Football: advertising rules for gambling

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Peter Brandt February 19, 2021

The British football clubs are only allowed to promote gambling on social media channels to a limited extent. From March 1, 2021, a new legal framework is to come into force that limits the clubs in Great Britain with regard to their advertising activities for the gambling industry. The planned regulation was launched by the British gambling authority “Betting and Gaming Council” (BGC) and is aimed specifically at the social media appearance of the clubs.

The prestigious Arsenal is also affected by the restrictions and in the future may no longer apply for gambling via your own social media channels. ((© Bvarem/Pixabay)

Part of the new BGC behavioral code

The Restrictive Measures of the BGC are based on the accumulated code of conduct. This has been committed to the flag To focus on player protection even more And in particular to keep minors away from the offer of the industry. According to the British gambling supervision, the football clubs in the UK would help promote gambling offers with their advertising activities on the Internet. Since there is no full control body in the digital space, it can be assumed that posts can be assumed Facebook Or Twitter also get in touch with the industry.

For the implementation of the new code of conduct, the BGC ed the “Premier League” and the “English Football League” in order to familiarize all affected associations of British football with the planned measures. In addition, the authority made the two football associations aware of applying the rules of the code of conduct on gaming companies that not in the area of responsibility of the British gambling supervision fallen.

On its website, the BGC has uploaded a publicly accessible list to all the rules that the clubs must stick to from March 1st. In the future it will be forbidden in their social media posts Prequirs of action or links to gaming pages to accommodate. It is primarily about so -called organic tweets, which does not require a cooperation or paid content.

Brief an Twitter & Facebook. The British gambling supervision not only informed the football associations about the new code of conduct, but also confronted the social media companies directly. A letter should have been asked to install an old -age evade system for all platforms. This is the only way that posts with gambling advertising could only be seen by over 18-year-old users.

Gambling advertising from the age of 25

Already in August last year the BGC addressed gambling advertising on social media and veröffentliche den „Sixth Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising“. As the name suggests, the industry code aims to focus on socially responsible advertising. Specifically, all sponsored or paid social media ads should be aligned with people aged 25 and over. This approach not only applies to the British football clubs, but also refers to all companies in Great Britain.

In addition, the BGC with the industry code has pronounced the request that Gambling advertising displayed via search engines It must be clearly indicated that it is only intended for adults. Brigid Simmonds, chair of the British gambling supervision, said:

“Our members rightly pursue a zero tolerance approach when it comes to gambling and minors. Therefore, as an industry, we are understandably concerned that children could see betting and advertising for gambling on Twitter. Our new guidelines illustrate the standards that are expected by football clubs when they publish gambling advertising on social media. I look forward to the fact that the new regulations are put into practice as soon as possible. ”Brigid Simmonds, Chair of the “Betting and Gaming Council”, Official press release from the BGC

Gambling advertising in USA

The advertising measures of the gaming industry are not only a controversial topic in Great Britain. Also stays in USA Gambling advertising A much discussed topic. However, the focus is not on the social media activities of the football clubs. Much more it is about the inconsistent legal regulationthat has presented the industry in the Federal Republic with major challenges since 2012.

This made it possible to settle Schleswig-Holstein from the nationwide regulation and to put on its own legal framework. This allows controlled gambling. For the licensed providers, the only point of has resulted in legal advertising via TV, Internet and radio. In order to secure yourself accordingly, the individual commercials and contributions are provided with the slogan that this is Offer exclusively to people from the northernmost state directed.

More gambling advertising? From July 1, 2021, the new Gaming State Treaty (GlüStV) should come into force and completely standardize the market in USA for the first time. The already signed document is currently going through the ratification process in the individual federal states and could turn the situation around gambling advertising on the left. Although it is not yet known how the marketing efforts of the industry players are to be regulated, media experts assume that the nationwide licensing will increase the advertising activities of the providers.