EU gambling market: growth 2021

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Peter Brandt January 3, 2023

The European Gambling Association EGBA expects a recovery of the EU gambling market. Accordingly, it is possible that sales growth will even get up to 7.5 percent last year 2021. This estimate can be found in the new market forecast report, which was recently published by the EGBA. However, the area of positive development is to be emphasized. While the national gambling market still has to struggle with the consequences of Corona pandemic, things look much rosier on the online gambling market.

The EGBA expects a steady growth of the EU gambling market in the next few years. ((© Geralt/Pixabay)

Sales increase in 2021

Corona pandemic still influences people’s lives, but also economic development. The land -based gaming industry, for example, has not had it easy lately. Especially at the end of 2020 and early 2021, the industry The lockdown-related closures to fight with considerable loss of sales. But what is suffering from the other. Because the reduced offer in the state-based gambling sector led to an increased emigration of the players to the online gambling. the Results of the market forecast report of the European Gambling Association EGBA appear much more understandable on this background.

According to the key figures of the recently published report, the European online gambling market for 2021 is expected to be with a Increase in sales by a whopping 19 percent count on an estimated 36.4 billion $ . Despite a very positive phase after the Lockdown ended, the numbers in the state -based gambling are significantly lower. According to the report, growth is around 0.4 percent to 50.8 billion $ .

If you put the numbers in the comparison to 2019-before the start of Corona pandemic-a massive decline in sales figures can be seen. If you compare the years in the state -based gambling, the forecast numbers are in 2021 around 32 percent lower. Even if you add the positive sales figures from the online gambling sector, 2019 was much more successful. Overall, the decline between 2019 and 2021 was around 13 percent market volume.

Who is the EGBA? The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) is a business association based in Brussels that represents the most important licensed and regulated online gambling and betting providers. These also have to be based in the European Union. The EGBA works with national and EU regulatory authorities and other interest groups to create regulation and canalization in the online gambling market. This is intended to strengthen consumer protection. The balancing act between legislation and reality on the Internet should also be reduced for consumers.

However, the figures from the EGBA market forecast report are based on preliminary information from gaming companies and estimates. The gaming markets are for the forecast All 27 EU countries as well as the United Kingdom analyzes. These are then compared with the numbers from 2020. Overall, the sales volume of the members mentioned in the area of the online gambling market should amount to 10.9 billion $ . So corresponds The online market now around 36 percent of the total volume of gambling sales of the members.

The sales of the online sector in turn is divided into the areas of sports betting (45.9 percent) and online casinos (42 percent), which have been implemented by a total of 29 million customers registered. The number of gambling operations (97.1 billion) reached a total height of incredible 179 billion $ . With an average payout rate of 94 percent, according to the information 168 billion $ in the form of profits back to the players.

Rosy future prospects

For the next five years, EGBA sees the development on the gaming market positively. So all areas of the gambling sector should grow steadily. The online gambling game should be emphasized. So could the Total share of the gaming market in 2026 is around 41 percentif you take an average growth rate of 9 percent as the basis. In 2019 it was comparatively small 26 percent. Mobile end devices such as tablets or smartphones play a crucial role here. For the first time, the proportion of Smart Devices in the online gambling crossed the 50 percent mark (50.5 percent). A share of 61.5 percent is forecast for 2026. According to EGBA General Secretary Maarten Haijer, the potential of the Smart Devices is not yet exhausted due to national provisions.

“The growth trend of the European online gambling market continues, but there is still plenty of space for online development in markets such as France, USA, USA and Spain, where the online share of the entire gaming market is still relatively low, although the online Markets in these countries are relatively ripe. With the ongoing online growth, responsibility is also accompanied by ensuring that the online market is well regulated and that operators continue to use the latest online technologies to promote a stronger culture of safe gambling. ”Maarten Haijer, EGBA General Secretary Official market forecast report of the EGBA