Damian Salas WSOP 2020 Champion

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Lennart folder January 29, 2021

The WSOP 2020 main event has ended with a little delay. Damian Salas is the new champion. The Argentinian won the final heads-up of the Main event of the World Series of Poker 2020. The unofficial world of poker championship was played in the All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Salas needed patience and nerves for his victory before he was finally able to prevail against the American Joseph Hebert after around six hours. In addition to the unofficial title of the poker world champion and the prestigious Golden Bracelet Salas, a profit amount of $ 1 million. However, the 2020 edition of the world’s largest poker tournament will be remembered differently than in previous years. The decisive factor is the corona pandemic again.

The unofficial poker world championship, the Main Event of the WSOP, has been decided despite delay and special circumstances. ((©jaygeorge/Pixabay)

WSOP Main Event 2020: The somewhat different tournament

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) was held differently this year due to the Corona pandemic this year than was the case before. Online was on ggpoker and wsop.com An online Main event held each. Damian Salas prevailed against 673 players and also decided the final table, which in turn was played live on December 15th in the King´s Casino in Rozvadov. Already here he was able to secure prize money of $ 1,550,969. Joseph Hebert even left 704 opponents behind in the other Main Event and broke the profit amount of $ 1,553,256 on his final table. In the All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, the final decision for the Golden Bracelet between the two winners had to be made.

Delay of the discharge due to the corona pandemic. It was originally planned that the heads-up final of the Main event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2020 will still take place in the mentioned year. Therefore, the discontinuation was scheduled for December 30, 2020. Despite a poker year that is massively impaired by the Corona pandemic, a worthy conclusion should be found. But the virus also thwarted the organizers here. Due to the Covid 19 restrictions, Damian Salas only entered the United States in the new year, which is why the tournament had to be postponed to January 3, 2020.

A nerve-wracking duel in heads-up

The heads-up duel between the Argentinian Damian Salas and the American Joseph Hebert, which was particularly interested in the poker scene, was particularly interested in what it had promised in advance, namely a lot of hottest poker action. All in all were played by an impressive 173 handsuntil the winner was determined. At first, the American clearly had the front. In the stack comparison, he led around the triple quantity for a long time. In the 83rd hand, the duel could have been decided for Herbert, but Salas could bring his all-in and double his stack.

As a result, Salas fought further and further up and finally took the lead. In the 136th hand the sheet seemed to have finally turned, but this time Herbert was able to double with an all-in. The 170th hand was decisive for the outcome of the duel. Both players held the ace in a big pot, but Salas secured this hand with the better kicker, which was one of them Guided tour of around 4: 1 at the chips brought. Three hands later it was time. Herbert presented his remaining chips with the combination ass lady all-in. Salas had King Bube’s hand and went with him. The flop brought the Full House for Salas with two kings and two five, which crowned himself the new poker world champion.

Salas added to the prize money in the winner’s interview immediately after the duel was completed. He plays primarily because of the insane challenge that, among other things, this mega event brings with it. It is The love of pokerthat drives him. He wanted to improve in each of his games and measure his poker skills with other players. Of course, he was extremely proud to have won the WSOP Main Event.

The unofficial Poker World Cup 2020 has finally found its deserved winner. Delays, short-term plan changes and switching to online tournaments-the WSOP 2020 was different. Certainly most poker players would like to return to the old format, but the organizers can knock on the shoulder of having carried out extremely important mega event, especially for the poker industry, despite a global corona pandemic. Whether the WSOP 2021 this year returns to the traditional format in Las Vegas, in view of the current global developments regarding pandemic, remains more than questionable. But hope should never give up the poker world, after all, nobody knows what the organizers come up with this year.