Coronavirus legt Casinos in Macau still

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Peter Brandt February 10, 2020

All casinos in the Macau gambling stronghold are to be closed for 15 days because the city tries to counteract the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Up to the present time, more than 420 people are said to have been killed in the neighboring country of China. There are high health risks, especially in the well -visited Macau, where international guests and travelers are also present due to the unique gaming offer – and not only for people in Macau.

There will be no plump filled casino halls in Macau, at least in the next two weeks. ((©lifeP /Pixabay.com)

Coronavirus has already been diagnosed several times

For Macau, the current situation is a particularly difficult challenge. Because the Asian Las Vegas is almost exclusively economically dependent on the gaming and tourism industry, and the In almost all social areas. The current closure of all 41 casinos, if only for an intended period of around two weeks, could have unexpected economic consequences – of course in the negative.

MacAUS, however, made it clear at a press conference that there was no alternative measure to this decision, MacAUS made the top executive organ, head of government HO-IT-SENG. The reason is too understandable: because In a casinos macaus, the dangerous viral disease was diagnosed with an employee. Unfortunately, the person with numerous employees and other people came into direct after the diagnosis. However, it was too Not the first case for Macau.

“The ninth [infection] case we have is [a person] who is employed in an integrated [casino] complex and has been in the same environment with other casino workers or with other people in a casinoshuttle or in the The building’s canteen. This is worrying (…). “

This officially unknown person is said to be a 59-year-old bus driver who employed at SJM Holdings Limited And with the task is entrusted to drive casino visitors from various stations to the Casino Grand Lisboa or Casino Oceanus.

According to media reports, Leong Iek Hou, a medical person responsible at the health office in Macau, initially intended to cover up the incident by claiming that the male person had already infected the virus days earlier during a visit to China’s neighboring province of Guangong. The aim of this attempted coverage was to prevent the closure of the casinos.

Casino closure with economic consequential damage?

The brokerage company Sanford C. Bernstein Limited initiated an investigation after the 15-day casino closure became known, which should deal with the economic effects of the measure.

The analysis predicts that there will probably be losses in all gross game revenue of the casinos in Macau in the amount of 50 percent, in figures: for the first quarter of 2020, this would be around $ 4.7 billion.

The analysis also shows a devastating picture overall and came to the judgment that “the first quarter will obviously bring terrible results”, these forecast losses in the previous year fall to over 70 percent could, if the casinos were closed for the rest of the quarter, i.e. for more than two weeks.

What is the coronavirus?“For the first time, the Coronavirus in the Chinese city of Wuhan was discovered in December last year. It causes symptoms such as pneumonia or high fever and cough. Around 21,000 official diseases are now known, even in countries such as the USA, USA and the United Kingdom. In extreme illnesses, the virus has even led to deaths, but so far only in a few places: in the Philippines and in Hong Kong. ”

According to its own projections, the investment company JP Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Limited predicted an even greater decline in gross income, in the amount of 75 percent compared to the previous year. This also has an impact on the balance of the entire year 2020. Supposedly, the current and future losses could reduce the total in 2020 by about six percent to around $ 33.2 billion compared to 2017.

“Casinos have already been closing restaurants and other services over the past several days in light of tepid customer visitation. Assuming only a two-week shutdown followed by some soft business resuming in late-February and March, the first quarter could show gross gaming revenues year-on-year decline of 50%.”