Casinos Austria: Plan for mega project

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Peter Brandt 13. October 2021

Casinos Austria AG presented its plan for the Nagasaki casino in Japan and revealed the first details. The Austrian gambling group primarily wants to incorporate its skills and strengths in the casino area into the project that the industry player has acquired for decades. In addition, the construction of a safe environment and the protection of traditional values are aimed at.

The group left open how Casinos Austria AUS Austria wants to embed the classic equipment of a western casino into the Japanese style. ((© KVNGA/UNSPLASH)

Knowhow & Expertise

Casinos Austria AG’s corporate history goes back to 1934. The gaming group from Austria can A lot of experience in the gaming industry exhibit. The company is very hiked in the casino area, especially in the casino area. The stock corporation operates twelve casinos in the domestic market. In addition, she holds international participations in various gambling companies. The group wants to use this portfolio of experience in order to successfully implement the casino project in Nagasaki and thus be able to open up a new market.

On the Japanese gaming market, Casinos Austria AG is under the umbrella brand “Casinos Austria International Japan (CAIJ)”. In terms of know -how and expertise, the casinobau in Nagasaki should not suffer from it – on the contrary. Due to the participation of the Austrian state in the parent company, the company guarantees the Compliance with the highest compliance requirements.

With its know -how, the CAIJ attaches great importance to the security aspect. A safe environment, free of negative or harmful influences, stand at the top of the prioritization list accordingly. Since the group respectes the legal framework for the Japanese gambling and eighth, there will be no place for illegality, bribery and corruption.

Gambling addiction & health. According to the published details, the topic of gambling addiction also plays a major role in the plans of the CAIJ. The group wanted to quickly recognize and prevent conspicuous playing behavior in order to prevent gambling addiction development. In this context, the protection of minors, especially the highest priority. From a health point of view, the Austrian gambling group is also prepared for everything. In cooperation with the local epidemic control, all potential health risks in the bud would be suffocated.

Preservation of traditional values

The integrated casino (IR) in Nagasaki should not be missing in luxury. Nevertheless, the planned gambling temple is based on traditional values. So there was a European style of architecture, but the indoor areas would show the most modern Japanese design. In this way, the CAIJ wants to create a social meeting point for adults.

The Austrian gaming group initially left open how the merger of the European casino style and the Japanese interior of the Japanese interior of the Japanese interior. Industry media assume that the plans in this area Not far enough advanced yet are to be able to present them to the public.

Different worlds. Gambling in Japan plays a completely different role in Japanese society than in the western hemisphere. Since the Asian state has always been restrictively offset by gambling activities with profits, European or American casinos are a new terrain for many Japanese residents. The gambling in Japan is much shaped by machines, games and applications, which can be found in the West in the west more at fairs or a fun fair. Accordingly, two worlds collide here, the casinos Austria tries to link the Nagasaki project.

Project with large ambitions

The Mega Casino in Nagasaki is expected to Cost 2.7 billion $ . Although there is still an official approval of the local authorities, this is only a matter of form in the current situation. However, it is clear that that Mega-project is associated with equally large ambitions in the Asian industrial state.

The Austrian gambling group and its partners expect from the end of the decade Up to 8.4 million visitors a year. According to the official calculations, these are intended to flush a gross game yield of around 1.1 billion $ in the coffers of the two companies. In addition, the integrated casino is to inspire the Japanese labor market. 30,000 jobs are planned, which in turn Economic output of 2.5 billion $ for the region.

Gambling paradise. In addition to the already existing theme park “Huis Ten Bosch”, the casino project is to be created and take a total area of 9,000 square meters, which offers space for around 2,200 slot machines and 220 gaming tables. Caij wants to implement the ambitious project together with international partners such as the hotel group “Hyatt” and other Japanese companies. The “Integrated Casino Resort” is to be equipped with eight hotels as well as conference and exhibition centers and entertainment complexes.