Betting on Sports Europe is imminent

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Maximilian Deininger 19. October 2020

Only a few days until the big sports betting conference Betting on Sports Europe takes place. The focus is also on regulating American sports betting. Due to the current circumstances in the course of the Corona pandemic, the event will mainly be regarded as a digital event on the Internet, a visit on site as an uninvolved spectator is not possible. Free registration online is possible for this. The European sports betting conference is likely to be relevant and exciting, at least for interested and involved people in the sports betting industry in Europe and especially USA. From October 21st to 22nd, the conference will also talk about the latest developments in the American sports betting market. Official sports betting licenses have finally been issued there by the responsible Hessian Ministry, but online sports betting providers in USA are facing a hard time.

The Hessian Ministry of the Interior for the Interior and Sport has finally distributed the required sports betting licenses. An end to the discussions is not achieved. ((© Nathaliemeyer0/Pixabay)

USA, the Netherlands, Sweden and USA in focus

In many European countries it is currently high. In USA in particular, sports betting providers were recently outraged by the Decisions of the American governmentAccording to which American sports betting providers should be financed to resume football in the southern European country.

Such and other injustices as well as political hurdles, especially in Corona times, should be on the so-called in mid-October Betting on Sports in Europe are discussed, a conference that will mainly deal with the sports betting industry in Europe. Developments in the countries of Sweden and the Netherlands are also to be discussed, where the legislators do current efforts in sports betting regulation, which, from the perspective of politicians, should serve to protect players, but also endanger the existence of sports betting companies and consequently also jobs.


The same applies to USA or the American sports betting market. Especially in one of the largest but also the most complex sports betting markets all over Europe, there have been new developments in the sports betting market in the past few weeks despite many Corona challenges, which numerous experts and affected companies want to discuss at Betting on Sports in Europe. The event lasts two days and finds From October 21st to 22nd as a pure online event instead of, however, free of charge sbcevents.com can be viewed.

Opinion of developments on American sports betting market among companies shared

No question, for a long time it was a constant back and forth on the American sports betting market. However, since then it has been clear that sports betting licenses for online sports betting providers are issued nationwide, some providers are satisfied. At the present time there are a total of 15 licenses, which so far – at least the statement by the responsible Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sports – have been distributed to those sports betting providers who have previously made up 75 percent of the American legal sports betting market.

“This ends a year -long hanging game in American gaming regulation. From now on the following applies: If you adhere to the important rules on player and youth protection, you can also legally offer sports betting. Only with a strictly controlled offer can the goals of the Gaming State Treaty be implemented and illegal wild growth ends on the black market. Our goal is not that as many people as possible rely on sports results, but that players type in a state -regulated environment and are not driven into illegality. The Darmstadt regional council has built up a great expertise in gambling regulation and will strictly monitor the sports competition. ”Peter Beuth, Hessian Interior Minister, Press release from the Hessian Ministry of the Interior and for Sport

Nevertheless, the reactions to the concession commitment among sports betting providers in USA are still somewhat behavior. The reason for this are the service of numerous requirements New American Gambling State Treatythat will be valid from July 1, 2021. Especially during the Corona period, the guidelines should be relaxed at least temporarily in order not to make the already tense economic situation of sports betting providers in USA or all of Europe even more difficult.

Exactly these points, especially that Hurdles and challenges for American sports betting providers regarding advertising and marketing, should be the central theme of discussions at Betting on Sports in Europe in a few days. It is then also about continued existence of the so-called affiliate marketing, which is of great importance for the entire sports betting industry. According to the current state of affairs, every agreement of variable, deposit or deployment-dependent remuneration between advertisers and advertising platforms on the Internet for sports betting websites should be prohibited.