Belgium: gradually reopening of the gambling sector

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Maximilian Deininger 12. June 2020

The gradual corona loosening from Europe also spill over to Belgium. The gaming sector must remain closed and casinos. Bookmakers, on the other hand, can open their doors again. Restaurants, bars and cafés can also receive their customers again under strict hygiene requirements and compliance with the distance regulations. The gaming machines and competition terminals in pubs are also accessible and playable again. These loosening emerges from the ministerial decree of June 5th. Overall, it is the third phase of Corona loosening in Belgium. Spielbanken and arcades still have to be patient, but here too, re -openings have moved closer.

Gambling machines in bars and restaurants can now be played again. Just like bookmakers. ((©hpgruesen/Pixabay)

Gambling offers in pubs and restaurants allowed again

The worst high phase of Corona pandemic seems at least in Europe. In almost all EU countries, the numbers of new infections are declining or at least in the controllable area. In many countries, the Corona restrictions are currently relaxed step by step in many countries after the almost two-month lockdown. A few days ago, too, in Belgium Third phase of the loosening uses. Among other things, this includes the reopening of bars, cafes and restaurants. Compliance with corresponding hygiene measures and distance regulations is a prerequisite. According to a statement by the Belgian gambling commission, the reopening of gaming machines and competition terminals in bars and cafés is also permitted. The Bingo games, which are popular in Belgium, are also allowed again.

Sports betting area through Corona continues to massively affected. “The third phase of the Corona restrictions initiated also allows the amateur and professional sport to be resumed. This benefits the sports betting, which is difficult to do by the corona pandemic, but sports betting on the local Belgian football league, the Juniper Pro League (1a), is still not possible. The reason for this lies in the demolition of the current season, which was decided in a majority decision by the 16 first division clubs in mid -May. As a further factor, the continued prohibition of group training is aggravated, which makes a regulated and professional resumption of training operations almost impossible.

However, the demolition did not have a major impact on the evaluation of the season, since 29 of the total of 30 game days was completed – in contrast to other European football leagues such as the French Ligue 1. The championship was attributed to FC Bruges, which has already been unlockable with 15 points Lead the table in front of the table runners -up Kaa Gent. At least betting fans from Belgium have the chance to bet on games in the American Bundesliga. This was the first European top league to resume the season during the Corona crisis under strict editions. A re-start of the Spanish and English league will also be planned shortly. ”

Occupations and casinos must continue to be patient

A slot machine can look forward to the reopening of the bars and cafés, but casinos and arcades in Belgium continue to look into nothing. In the third phase of Corona loosening, they are still from a possible reopening excluded. However, a light can also be seen here at the end of the tunnel. In a fourth phase of the loosening of corona restrictions, the gambling facilities should also be allowed to open their gates under strict hygiene measures. According to the current plans by the Belgian authorities, this should come into force on July 1st.

In other European countries such as USA, the country -based gambling in arcades or casinos has already been gradually approved. However, the reopening in Belgium sets for gaming operators Strict security and hygiene measures Ahead, which, as has already been shown in USA, can be implemented well and effectively. Many casinos and arcades already inform their guests about the current status and can hardly expect the approval of the reopening. For example, the Casino Blankenberge published the following statement on its website:

“In many companies, the usual everyday life gradually returns. We are still waiting for the government’s approval, but we are already preparing for a safe and responsible reopening of our casino. We will do everything we can to ensure a carefree and pleasant casino stay again soon. ”

Precise Terms on the hygiene and security concept will follow the Belgian authorities shortly. In all likelihood, these will not differ greatly from the guidelines for gastronomy farms.