Bavaria: casinos optimistic

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Peter Brandt February 15, 2021

Despite the continued Corona Lockdown, the gambling industry in Bavaria is optimistic about the future. As in the entire Federal Republic, casinos and casinos have also been closed in the Free State since November 1, 2020, which has to deal with enormous financial losses. According to the information from the online news portal “nordbayern.de”, however, the state lottery administration cannot be discouraged by the current situation and is optimistic about the future. The reason for the positive attitude is the rapid growth of the industry, which could only be stopped by the Pandemic effect.

Empty arcades and casinos are currently shaping the nationwide gambling industry. ((© Kaisender/Pixabay)

Corona stops positive development

The past year was all about Corona pandemic, which is expected to play a central role in public life in 2021. In addition to the social incisions, it is primarily the economy that continues to take enormous damage. Since November 1st, 2020, USA has been in the Lockdown again, the many parts of the economy paralyzed Has. The restrictions of politics also affect the local gaming industry, which has been on the proverbial gums since the beginning of Pandemic development.

In Bavaria, the casinos and casinos have to keep their gates closed, which according to the information from nordbayern.de is said to have led to a decline in playing of around 50 percent. Overall, the Free State has nine state -based casinos, all of which are represented and controlled by the state lottery administration. The individual casinos are located in Bad Wiessee, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Lindau, Bad Kissingen, Bad Füssing, Bad Reichenhall, Bad Kötzting and Bad Steben. They represent the stationary gaming industry in Bavaria and be before the outbreak of corona pandemic was on the right trackto write green numbers despite the digital advance.

State lottery management in Bavaria. It is also known in the Free State under the short form of Lotto Bayern and is legally subject to the business area of the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and for Home. The applicable State Treaty and all future changes in legislation act as the basis for your powers. The nine casinos of the Free State fall under the area of responsibility of the state lottery administration. At the same time, the company is the control and regulatory body of the “American Lotto and Totoblock” as well as for the lottery “Glücksspirale”.

Justified optimism?

Although Covid-19 has caused a lot of vertebrae in the past few months, the state lottery administration looks positively into the future and is optimistic that after surviving pandemic, one can build on the positive development. According to the Bavarian company, one had before the outbreak of pandemic can generate an increase of 28 percent compared to the previous year. In addition, the individual casinos before the final lockdown were very well prepared for the adversities at that time by developing various hygiene concepts. Even at this point, no significant slump in the number of players would have been booked.

The hard shutdown was actually planned in the Free State until February 14th. It is unclear whether the state lottery administration according to this deadline has assumed to be able to resume day -to -day business, but after a new conference of the Federal Government, the industry now has certainty that one must continue to endure. According to matching media reports, the Lockdown nationwide extended until March 7th. Relaxation for casinos and casinos were not part of the decisions. Only hairdressers are allowed to open their gates again. The much -discussed lessons in schools also fall within the area of responsibility of the individual federal states.

Lockdown inspires illegal gambling. The foreclosure of the state -licensed gaming offer has ensured that an increased emigration to the black market took place. In many regions of the Federal Republic, people live out their desire for gambling in a illegal way and meet illegal to illegal gambling gatherings.

Gambling state contract: casino before the end?

Not only Corona pandemic is a danger for the state-based gambling. From July 1st The new state agreement come into force nationwide, which will fundamentally change the industry. For the stationary casinos in Bavaria and in the other federal states, the Legalization of the online gambling game a serious problem represent. Many experts from the industry assume that the already large proportion of online players will continue to increase through the new regulations. However, it is only from summer whether this acceptance will suffer and what extent the state -based gambling will ultimately suffer from it.

Gambling State Treaty in the final sprint. At the moment, the already signed Gaming State Treaty goes through the ratification process in the individual state governments. Only if 13 of the 16 federal states agree to the provisions of the new legislation and implement them in the respective state law, it becomes final. Appropriate ratification is still pending in Bavaria.