Austria: Gambling stagnates

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Peter Brandt 8. June 2023

The gaming market in Austria could hardly generate any growth in 2021. This emerges from a study by the market analysis group “Industry Radar”. As the company announced by press release, all relevant areas of the local gaming market were examined and analyzed as part of the study. Most sectors came on the spot, other segments even had to accept enormous losses.

The state -based gambling in Austria took around 20.5 percent less than in 2020 last year (© Meinester ramp/Pixabay)

Online gambling on the advance

In 2021, all gambling operators in Austria were able to generate around 16.2 billion $ in game and betting operations. According to the analysis of “industry radar”, the local industry could only an increase of 0.4 percent Posted compared to the same period last year. Without the strong performance of the online sector, the industry would have even generated a deficit.

Industry radar. The group from Austria was founded in 1991 and created both market analyzes and competition studies on behalf of its customers. Industry radar works exclusively in the roof region.

The digital gambling has been on the rise for some time. The demand is increasing worldwide and more and more providers are romping on the online market. The Austrian gaming industry was also able to benefit from the development last year. According to the market analysis company, the online business was able to an increase of 24.2 percent Compared to 2020.

The digital operators took around 580 million $ about sports betting and casino games a. The lottery offers on the Internet were also well received by the player community. She invested a total of 714 million $ in the segment.

Inpatient gambling breaks in

For many observers and experts in the gaming industry, the market shares of the online sector Peu à peu will increase. In the long term, there is even the possibility that the digital offer will run out to the stationary counterpart. Whether and when this scenario will arrive is unclear, but the Austrian gaming market experienced last year what consequences A weakening analog sector brings with it.

Due to the rampant Corona pandemic, which still had large parts of public life in the bracket handle in 2021, the inpatient gambling offer in Austria had to keep its doors closed over a long period of time. the Virus-related closures Had a Significant collapse of financial gambling As a result.

According to the “industry radar” The gross and weather conditions fell by 20.5 percent Compared to 2020. The casinos, betting agencies, casinos and gaming machines in the Alpine Republic came in a collective sales of 411 million $ .

Online gambling as a profiteer. Even if the demand for digital games of chance is increasing organically and continuously, the Corona crisis has started an acceleration process. According to the “industry radar”, the demand increased massively for games of chance and sports betting on the Internet. Compared to 2020, the missions rose by almost 18 percent. The 9.1 billion $ , which were generated in this way, accounted for 60 percent of total sales.

Gambling during Corona pandemic

Corona pandemic not only presented the Austrian gaming market with enormous challenges. The virus was for one for more than two years Roller coaster ride of feelings in international industry responsible. After the first lock -down phase, the number of infections in the summer months fell into an “acceptable area”, so that many gambling transactions were able to resume their business under certain conditions.

The virus strengthened during the cold season However, again, so that a lockdown followed again. The cycle resulted in that Get gambling markets welcomed worldwide and couldn’t recover properly. Even gambling strongholds such as Las Vegas or Macau could not completely cushion the fall damage.

Vegas mit Comeback. After more than two years of the “flit”, the gaming market in Las Vegas is stronger than ever before. The metropolis in the US state of Nevada has been enjoying an enormous number of visitors since the second half of 2021. Both the hotels and the casinos are full to the brim, so that the record sales are handed over to the jack.

In the roof region, casinos, casinos and arcades had to remain closed for a particularly long time. The facilities could not receive any guests over several months. Short -time work, closings and even dismissals Were the episode – but not enough!

Despite the non -existent offer, the demand for gambling activities continued. In USA, people gathered more illegal gambling meetings, which took place in closed restaurants, in back rooms or even in private apartments. The police had their hands full during the lock down phases and regularly dissolved these meetings. Especially in metropolitan areas and in large cities the illegal gambling gained out.

Industry associations and gambling providers then appealed to politicsto cancel the closures and to trust the health and hygiene concepts of gambling facilities.