Australia: Licensee withdrawal for Crown?

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Peter Brandt 22. April 2023

The scandals around Crown Resorts and Star Entertainment could mean the license withdrawal in Australia. Both corporations were involved in money laundering affairs and have come into the focus of the authorities. Individual sanctions have already been pronounced, but the public in Down Under is not satisfied with the sentence. From politics and the population, demands become according to the two gaming companies to permanently withdraw the concession.

Both Crown Resorts and the Star Entertainment Group were involved in money laundering affairs. ((©stevepb/Pixabay)

Politicians are calling for consequences

In summer 2019, the three Australian newspapers “The Age”, “60 Minutes” and “The Sydney Morning Herald” released their research results for potential Illegal business practices on the Australian gaming market. The focus was Crown Resorts. The allegations were serious.

The market leader was accused of using an illegal group called “The Company” to have recruited wealthy and financially strong VIP customers from the Asian region. In the Crown Casino in Melbourne, the dubious association then has Washed money unnoticed And a total of millions of millions of the Australian state.

Junket Operators. Many gambling resorts and hotels advertise foreign customers about so -called “junket operators” (middlemen). The practice is generally allowed in Australia, but “The Company” was an illegal group that has structured the Crown Casino in Melbourne for the purpose of money laundering. The bank accounts of the casino and high scooter rooms were misused. In addition, the Australian consulate, which is responsible for entry modalities, was also involved in the scandal.

Despite numerous evidence, evidence and insider information, Crown Resorts got away with a blue eye. This is how the gambling group became proven with financial sanctionsHowever, no cuts in the business processes had to accept any cuts. Robert Gorden Stokes, Minister for Transport and Urban Planning in New South Wales, was angry about the sentence. In his opinion, those responsible behind the money laundering scandal should not get away without legal consequences.

Support of the population

In an interview with the newspaper “The Strait Times”, Stokes explained that the Australian society had to face the casino operators in the country. At the latest now, the time has come to question the machinations of the gambling facilities. the caused damage caused by deception and manipulation are not excused in any way. Politicians must act and take into account the license.

With his demands and criticism, Stokes does not seem to be alone. According to a survey by the “Australian Financial Review”, the people from New South Wales in particular agree with the local minister for transport and urban planning. Around 45 percent of the readers of the business newspaper advocated in the survey for a license withdrawal. 41 percent of the readers voted for a complete exchange of the board and management level. The remaining 14 percent, on the other hand, considered the current sentence consisting of fines and criminal proceedings.

Supervisory authority in New South Wales. If the Australian government gives in to public pressure and initiates a license withdrawal for Crown Resorts, the entire matter falls into the area of responsibility of the gambling supervisory authority in New South Wales. The Australian gambling industry is regulated by several state authorities, but the division is responsible for the territorial conditions. Since Crown Resorts is listed in New South Wales, the corresponding supervision in the context of a potential license withdrawal symbolizes the Zünglein on the scale.

Star entertainment in the headlines

The criticism of politics and population is not only against Crown Resorts. The market leader has been regularly in the headlines of the Australian media for more two years now. Away from the Takeover rumors in December 2021 The media presence was mostly based on the money laundering scandal. With Star Entertainment, another prominent representative from the gambling industry recently joined this. The group is involved in a similar money laundering affair and must be Investigations by the authorities place.

Australian media had recently disclosed numerous information and gave an insight into the situation. “The Sydney Morning” reported that Star Entertainment lawyers are currently being interrogated several times. The focus is on Oliver White, who is considered a star lawyer in the gambling industry. According to his statement, games in the entire affair of the VIP room in the Star Casino in Sydney a central role. In this money was washed on a large scale.

Junket involved. The Star Casino in Sydney is operated by Star Entertainment by the Chinese junket “Sunset”. The association has approved cash transaction in the “Salon 95” VIP room and thus manipulated the money inputs and outputs.

The investigation by the Australian authorities is currently in full swing and have recently been extended by two more months. The previous investigation results were given as the reason. These would have that True extent of the grievances at Star Entertainment uncovered.