Partnership: RB Leipzig & 888sport

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Maximilian Deininger January 17, 2023

The sports betting provider 888Sport is the new sponsor of the Bundesliga club RB Leipzig. The association officially announced this on its homepage. The partnership has been in effect since the 18th matchday of the current season and grants 888 -sport exclusive rights. The bookmaker should mainly be embedded in the digital infrastructure of the Bundesliga club. The cooperation was initially planned by 2023. However, depending on the development, both parties were positive about a potential extension of the partnership.

888Sport will appear as the official sports betting partner of RB Leipzig on the association’s digital channels, with which fans and supporters come into in the direct stadium environment. ((© Those those /unsplash.com)

Bundesliga debut for 888sport

888Sport is a renowned and established brand in the sports betting segment. The bookmaker is based in Malta and is operated in USA via the “888 USA Limited” branch. With the entry into force of the new Gaming State Treaty (GlüstV) in July 2021, the provider has a corresponding license for the Operation of sports betting on the Internet secured.

Despite the good infrastructure and reputation, 888sport has not yet appeared as a sponsor of a Bundesliga club. The partnership with RB Leipzig marks this accordingly Debut in the highest football league in USA.

The bookmaker will primarily be seen on the digital sales channels of the Saxon club. The goal is that Sharpening of the entrepreneurial presence. As RB Leipzig announced on their own homepage, advertising measures are planned in direct stadium environment. This would be fed in on the screens in the Red Bull Arena, on the LED gangs next to the edge of the field and on the cam carpets near the goal.

Betting game RB Leipzig gives its fans the opportunity to win attractive prices through an internal artistic prices-including season tickets, signed jerseys and VIP tickets. According to the club, the betting game is very popular. 888Sport is said to benefit from this radiance as a new organizer and host.

Aquire new markets

The American sports betting market has been dominated for years by Typical. The top dog has by far the largest brand presence in the Federal Republic. Through the Nationwide legalization of online sports betting However, the cards were redistributed. The partnership with RB Leipzig is intended to enable 888Sport more range and the development of the American market.

As can be seen from the press release, the football club is out Saxony Due to its development in recent years Perfect partner for 888sport. Both parties shared the same ambitions and were progressively positioned. This would particularly illustrate the sporting success of the Leipzig. Kieran Spellmann, Vice President Head of 888sport, said:

“We are very proud to enter into a long -term partnership with RB Leipzig, one of the most ambitious football clubs in Europe and to become an Offical partner of the Red Bulls. The association has had a rapid development […]. We can hardly wait to support the association in its further development […]. With this partnership, 888Sport confirms its long -term commitment in USA. ”Kieran Spellmann, Vice President Head of 888sport Official press release from RB Leipzig

Pedro Barreda, Director International Marketing & Head of Sponsorshops of 888Sport, also hits the same notch. Your own group is located worldwide in a market leading role. As a top address in European football, RB Leipzig is the perfect fit. Together they will be followed by ambitious plans in the next one and a half years.

Sports betting as a sponsor before the end?

The vast majority of the Bundesliga clubs now maintain a partnership with a sports betting provider. RB Leipzig is accordingly with his youngest sponsor in the best company. However, more and more voices have been louder for some time, such cooperations in American professional football are extremely critical.

The most recent example is a call to the fan alliance “Our curve e.V.”, which takes on the clubs and the associations and asks them to ask partnerships with bookmakers to be prevented in the future. The reason: sports betting is a danger for many people because they are the reason for latent gambling addiction. Since the professional associations have public responsibility, the waiver of such cooperation is the logical step.

Unser Kurve EV In the registered association, numerous fan organizations have come together that range from the Bundesliga to the regional league. According to their own statements, a total of 21 fan organizations are united under the roof of “our curve”. Overarching goals are the promotion of a positive fan culture, strengthening the rights of co -determination and securing football as a cultural asset.

Specifically, the fan alliance calls for a “common decision on the comprehensive commitment”, which the clubs and associations should sign until July 1, 2023. This is intended to ensure that No partnerships with sports betting providers more can be received or extended.