50 billion $ – gambling industry is booming like never before!

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Lennart folder 19. April 2019

In the meantime, it is no longer a secret that the gambling industry is countering rosy times. Digitization and in conjunction with this The online gambling game have helped the industry to an unprecedented upswing. A study now confirms that this is not just lug and troubled. The Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers’ industry association certifies a lucrative time for the gambling industry. A total of almost 50 billion $ are said to have been implemented in 2018. But it is not the only impressive number.

The AGEM, the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, is an umbrella organization from the gaming industry.

Online and offline gambling with new records

The study listed was recently made public, although those responsible actually only aimed at an internal analysis of the actual situation on the gaming market. Since the results of the investigations, all of which relate to data records of 2018, were so impressive, the decided Dachverband Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers in favor of making the study results open to the public. ultimately, the results are not so surprising. that the entire gaming industry has been one for several years incomparable upswing experienced is nothing too new. it should only be astonishing how extremely it is at the moment, somewhat casually formulated, for gambling providers and thus also for the entire industry. in numbers, this means the following: if the entire financial year 2018 is considered, the gaming industry may accumulate one Sales of almost 50 billion $ attribute. so far, many income has never been generated before, but this is also not astonishing, if it is considered that the online market, which has also been viewed, is still relatively young. nevertheless, 50 billion $ mean a new record. for comparison: five years ago, the industry came up with one Total turnover of 40 billion $ . 10 billion $ therefore mean an increase of 20 percent, which may not be particularly impressive in start-ups, but is almost unique in relation to an entire industry. Was ist die Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers? At the AGEM, the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, it is a umbrella organization from the gaming industry. United under the association, which is considered a non -profit and is headquartered in Las Vegas, 175 companies that come from 23 different countries. The AGEM has set itself the task of representing the interests of its members to third parties. Not only inpatient casino operators, but also online providers, lotteries, game developers and more are united.

Labor market also benefits from the upswing

first of all, the gambling providers should of course be happy about the current state of affairs, although such a lucrative market of course also increases the competition. for customers in turn, this means something good, since the high competition ensures dynamics on the market and guarantees increasing quality in the range of gambling. gambling or the industry as a whole will also become an economically extremely important factor due to the current figures, ultimately the numerous gambling providers not only generate not only horrendous tax revenue, but also provide many jobs. the agem study was also able to illustrate how important gambling has also become for the labor market. in 2013, according to the study, a total of 51,000 people worked in various professions in the gambling industry. now, five years later, they are already 61,700 workers. but that’s not all. in the study, the agem also asked for people who indirectly benefit from the development of the industry. ultimately, the study came to the conclusion that around 221,000 people were positively influenced by the upswing of the gambling industry, if only indirectly. similar to gross player yields, an increase of slightly is also on the job market in the gambling sector 20 percent to make out. but can this development go on like this? according to the gaming provider itself, this question must be answered with yes. in the study, the providers were also asked about their future development. gave over 90 percent of the respondents In the fact that you expect a further increase in demand in terms of gambling offers offline and online. Consequently, further growth must also be expected, which in turn should have a positive effect on other areas such as the job offer. In the case of such forecasts, the politics, which, at least in some countries, still opposes liberalization, will soon promote and sometimes promote gambling and its providers.

“Established providers are growing, while new companies are on the market. The study shows that this dynamic sector focuses entirely on the further development of the global gaming market. In summary, the report draws the image of a healthy gambling industry in which the providers rely on modern technologies and games that are made available to them by a large number of innovative suppliers. This allows you to always provide your customers new and exciting entertainment formats. ”